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The Cost of Financial Stress

How much does financial stress cost your company each year?

Estimated cost of financial stress:


Average salary: $100,000

Number of employees: $100,000

Estimated cost of financial stress: $100,000

This is a hypothetical illustration used for informational purposes only, based on data from John Hancock's 2017 Financial Stress Survey. The example assumes 9.6 hours of work missed per year and 51 hours in lost productivity due to financial stress. Wages used in the calculation are also based on survey data. This calculator is intended to provide general information about how much financial stress can cost a company every year. Individual circumstances may vary and there is no guarantee that the results shown will be achieved, and the assumptions provided may not be reflective of your situation.

In June 2017, John Hancock Retirement Plan Services sponsored our fourth annual Financial Stress Survey. Working with the respected research firm Greenwald and Associates, we surveyed more than 2,000 workers to learn more about individual stress levels, their causes and impacts, and strategies for relief.

John Hancock and Greenwald & Associates are not affiliated and neither is responsible for the liabilities of the other.

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